Unique Witchy Decors That Are Perfect For Your Inner Goth

Unique Witchy Decors That Are Perfect For Your Inner Goth

Witchy decors are seen as dark and quirky. They surely are but they are also related to stories and symbols that are very interesting. For those who aren’t used to it, it might come as a shock that they often look like decorations for Halloween. But there’s magic tied to them, magic that had been recognized for thousands of years.

Tragically Beautiful Witchy Decors

Endor Widow is known to have a variety of witchy products. From clothing to decors, there is a sufficient amount of interesting stuff to browse. We’ll focus first on witchy decors, something that you could surround yourself with and make your home all the more magical.  So what kind of magic do we mean when we talk about these decors?
Well, the majority of the aspect involved is from its relations in witchcraft and Wicca. Nowadays, both are being revealed in the pop culture mainstream. There are a lot of teens that make vlogs and videos about witchcraft that it was dubbed as ‘witchcore‘. There’s even a warlock superhero named Wiccan from the Marvel universe. It does not aim to disrespect the practices, rather show people the rich culture it possesses.
If you’re someone who is already interested in that or is looking into strengthening the ambiance of your home by including the energies of witchy decors then these witchy decors are the right thing for you. We’re off to list four witchy decor items to include in your next buy.

4. Witches Bells Keychain

Wiccans believe in magic and what comes with it is the belief in supernatural forces, especially the “otherworld”. Energies that lurks around aren’t always the friendliest and so they do what they can to ward off bad spirits. They usually have spells and rituals but they accompany them with materials that have symbols used to make their magic effective.
Now, it’s not often that people practice these rituals. There is something you can still do or in this case, buy. This is called Witches bells keychain or Wicca home protection. It’s a witchy decor with the right size for doors you need to will away the bad energies from. It’s flexible enough to be hung two ways with an easy-to-clip lobster clasp. This witchy decor bears the sacred symbol Paten, it is a five-pointed star that’s encircled and represents the earth element.
The rope that hangs from the wreath-like keychain holds other traditional materials to complete it like bells, gems, and a vintage key.

Unique Witchy Decors That Are Perfect For Your Inner Goth


3. Gothic Figurine Grim Reaper Statue

If you’re into those decorations that scare the life out of you for fun then this witchy decor fits that criteria. This figurine is molded into a grim reaper who’s in a sitting position. Grim reapers are generally scary They are the personified image of death. They are imagined to be the creature that would take away souls or lead them to the otherworld. In most cultures that believe in the grim reaper, it’s usually a cloaked figure with a skeleton frame and a scythe as its weapon.
This decor is less scary but equally interesting. This witchy decor is made from polyresin and can be perched on mantels and desks if you want to have a weird staring contest with it when you’re bored. It can also be a good gift to friends who are into weird sinister fantasy items.
When Halloween comes around, you don’t have to get them to storage as they will perfectly fit with the cobwebs and the scary masks. This witchy decor’s lifelessness would watch over your house and would interest guests with its involvement with dark magic or just plainly give them the creeps.

Unique Witchy Decors That Are Perfect For Your Inner Goth

2. Witchy Macrame Cresent Luna Dream Catcher

Celestial bodies are heavily involved in gothic or witchy designs. Witchy decors in the shape of the moon, sun, and stars are popular in this category. This is because celestial bodies are deeply tied to the roots of magic. They are viewed as gods or goddesses and often they symbolize something huge in your magical journey.
Witchy decors which showcase them are great reminders too of elements that are present in the universe wherein their energies differ depending on the time they are linked. In movies, the position and alignment of planets are important. It affects those who practice magic or magical forces in general. This witchy decor takes after the elegance of the crescent moon. Its style is boho-chic and its materials give off a soft, cozy look. The macrame dream catcher would work best in your living room or bedroom where it can be wrapped with fairy lights and have it glow like the actual moon.

Unique Witchy Decors That Are Perfect For Your Inner Goth

1. Mythical Witch’s Hand Wall Hanging Decor

Do you know what pairs well with the grim reaper statue that we talked about? This witchy decor. The mythical witch’s hand is interesting but creepy at best. It gifts of the same vibe as the solemn grim reaper statue but this witchy decor might make you scream a little if you suddenly round a corner and you forgot that it’s there, ready to grab you by the claws.
If you plan on getting this for Halloween, it would definitely give your decorations a step up and it can hold the bag of candies you plan to give out. On the other hand, if you want to get this just for kicks, it takes witchy decors to a whole new level. It’s dark, scary, and it’s functional.
This witchy decor is sculpted, cast, and polished by hand and it looks sort of realistic. But since there’s not much reference about witch’s hands, you’ve just got to take our word for it.

Unique Witchy Decors That Are Perfect For Your Inner Goth

Final Thoughts

Witchy decors are getting into the mainstream and continue to renew the usual dark image of things like witchcraft and goths. Other than that, most people are starting to appreciate the beauty in the stories related to the witchy decors’ elements.

With this said we encourage you to look at Endow Widow‘s products and see how they work well together in a home and how they can really create an interesting ambiance for you. If you need more information while you look around then you can click here to help you with your decisions.


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