Witch Aesthetic – Stand Out Among Fellow Witches and Be Number 1

Witch Aesthetic – Stand Out Among Fellow Witches and Be Number 1

If you think that the love of wizards and witches started with the Harry Potter book and movie series, think again. People’s love for the occult and everything witchy has been ongoing for hundreds of years but has recently been popularized by TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Good Witch. Googling witch aesthetics would also reveal a good number of references to witch core and witch fashion. A quick hashtag search on Instagram for #witchaeshetic or #witchcore will reveal a good number of posts about a person’s interpretation of what it means to be a witch for them.

What is a Witch?

Witch Aesthetic - Stand Out Among Fellow Witches and Be Number 1

The term witch has already evolved to mean something else. Of course, in the old days, these were the persecuted women in Salem and England who were burned at the stake. Over the years, however, they were seen as icons of women independence and now carry the meaning of being a strong and independent powerful woman. Many of them are also followed the feminist ideology. Of course, they are also amazed by Ouija boards, wear mostly black clothes and have interesting decors at home.

Aspects of Witch Aesthetics

We can divide witch aesthetics or the incorporation of witch-related items into everyday life into several categories. The most obvious of these are fashion, followed by interior design, then visuals. There are more to this, which we will explore in succeeding blog entries.

Witchy Fashion

You will notice someone who follows a witchy fashion right away. There are those stereotypical Goth-inspired witches, but in modern times, there are also other fashion trends that have emerged. In general, however, witchy fashion and witch aesthetics use a variety of dark hues, mostly black and other natural colors. These are evident in the hippie or boho themes, as well as the Gothic or Goth clothing.


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