Raven Lamps And The Magic Aura That They Come With

Raven Lamps And The Magic Aura That They Come With

Wouldn’t it be ironic to have something that represents darkness fill your house with light? Well if you’re curious if that’s possible, we present, raven lamps. These lamps from Endow Widow are stylish and uniquely tailored to fit the dark aesthetic that you want.

The What’s And Where’s Of Ravens

There’s complexity in what ravens mean. They are heavily associated with gothic culture and magic but let’s dive into the different origins it has first before getting to know these raven lamps. There are both myths and facts about ravens that are tied to people’s current beliefs. One of the myths about ravens is from Greek mythology.
It is believed that the white raven was Apollo’s, but after revealing too many secrets, he blackened its feathers. In some folklore, however, it is believed that crows come from gods or goddesses shapeshifting into the said bird.

Raven Lamps And The Magic Aura That They Come With

Ravens Symbolism

So what do ravens really mean? Are they really related to goths and witches or is it worth it to buy a raven lamp for that purpose?
They are in most cultures still seen as omens of either light or darkness, victory or defeat. In the middle ages, they were usually a foreteller of death but in other cultures, ravens are animals of intelligence and wisdom. 

In the world of magic, ravens are considered messengers that can transcend through time. They can fly beyond the vastness of seas and skies, bringing meaningful knowledge. There is also the fact that there is a common association of magic with their presence and a great spirit animal. To answer the question if it’s worth it and fitting to add a symbol into your home where your collection of witchy fixtures grow, it is. Seeing these raven lamps in your house can be a great reminder of the magic and the merging of complex meanings.

The Uniqueness of Raven Lamps

Raven lamps are perfect examples of great attention to detail. They’re shaped to look realistic and they’re also quite functional. They depict ravens holding up lightbulbs to guide you in rooms where they are situated.
Raven lamps are not as common in homes which makes them stand out if ever you ought to buy one, which you should, they’re darkly fun.

Raven Lamps And The Magic Aura That They Come With

Product Description:
Color: Black and white
Weight: 2lbs
Cord length: 2 meters
Materials: High-quality natural resin
Variation: Table sitting, table standing, wall left, wall right

Variety of Raven Lamps

Get ready to take a double look when you walk past raven lamps, especially at night. They are designed to appear very much like the real thing and they come in different positions of birds. There’s one that is sitting relaxedly and one that’s perched in what seems to be a curious stance, the lightbulb dangling safely by its beak.
We talked about how in one of the origins of ravens, they weren’t exclusively painted as black. And so one of the colors the raven lamps come in is white. They’re a contrast of colors but are neutral enough to fit with most furniture at home.
The best rooms to put them in are studies and special rooms like man caves. They have quirky designs that can complement collections like vintage books or magical hobbies that involve action figures.

A Tale Of A Raven’s Time

The stories and meanings of ravens spanned out until the modern-day, which is commendable. That talks about the durability they have, compared to these lamps, it is safe to say that they are also sturdy.
These raven lamps are made from high-quality resin. They are better stored above surfaces than glass since they do not break. And although they couldn’t fly like their real counterpart, they are strong enough to take a drop without completely shattering. They are also built a decent size that they would stand out but not be an eyesore for those who would encounter them. Approximately 30 cm and weighing about 2lbs, it would be wise to own a few of them without worrying if they’ll be a hindrance to daily activities.

The Light of Raven Lamps

As much as ravens are tied to darkness, the meanings and stories are sometimes stunted. They do have a connection with darkness but they can be guides until there is light. They can symbolize everything tangling with each other before there would be rebirth and renewal. A deep sign that ravens are sometimes discriminated against as animals that should only evoke fear.
If you’re passionate about how complex they are or would even like to just have another piece to talk about with guests then raven lamps can lead you to a lit path. They are designed with cords held by their beaks and bright E-12 bulbs that give more than sufficient light. 

Raven Lamps And The Magic Aura That They Come With

Final Thoughts

Ravens are known to be the medicine of magic that would spark courage to go through the darkness. They are very symbolic spiritual creatures that are recognized in a lot of cultures. Although there is a misunderstanding sometimes that they are bad omens, having something like raven lamps would assuage that especially if it’s explained to people who visit your home.
Raven lamps can serve their purpose more than just being situated at home. They can be a cool addition to shops and studios. Especially if your overall theme is related to gothic aesthetics. They are created to look ultra-realistic and would give that fairytale touch wherever you put them.
Their functionality is important too. These lamps create bright but subtle glows, and a few of them could be distributed around the house to reduce buying more light fixtures. The cords are long enough that they can reach electrical sockets without having to provide extra extensions so you can perch them on tables naturally.

Raven lamps are a good purchase that can be paired with more witchy decors. They could complement more items that you could buy here at Endow Widow. Even if you’re still unsure of what to buy, you can check out our blogs and find the next best item for you.

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