5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

If things are looking a little bit dreary and bleak then maybe it’s time for a change. And no, it doesn’t have to be sunshine and rainbows to look good. That change can lean on the darker side, tinged with enough mystique. Endor Widow is perfect to get it all from one place if you’re up for new witchy home decor.

The Aesthetic Of Witchy Decor

Let’s get into what witchy or gothic means and see how can align with the mood you want to surround yourself in. Witchy aesthetic used to be associated with gloom and mystery in the early days until slowly it was revamped by artists to deliver a sense of coolness.
The word witchy, coming from the word ‘witch’ has been linked to unpleasant images because of how they were conveyed in the past but they’ve since shed that notion and continue to hold power in the meaning of the word.
Witchy decor are items that have ties to gothic culture like celestial bodies, dark colors, and nature. They usually signify more than regular decorations, making it more fun to keep them at home. They can be great talking pieces and something fascinating to share with your guests.

5 Witchy Home Decor Pieces

We’re starting from the outside and working towards the heart of your house. This list would ensure that you are reminded of what theme are you trying to build. Whether it’s the subtle gothic effect or a full-on home change, these items would fit well. 

5. Solar Owl Led Lamp

Animals play a big role in the witchy aesthetic. They are considered companions or messengers in the world of magic. They can be protectors too in times of danger that’s why this solar owl led lamp is a fitting witchy decor for your garden.
The solar owl led lamp is made from high-quality resin that would make it more durable as it stays outside. It keeps pathways and gardens uniquely lit with its glowing body, making it look more serene. Like real owls that are nocturnal, this witchy decor is ‘asleep’ during the day, soaking up all the sunshine it can so they can be awake during the night.

5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

Product Details:
Color: White or brown
Dimensions: Overall height 42.5 cm
Light Type: LED
Material: High-quality weather-proof resin
Power: Electrically powered rechargeable batteries

4. The Witch Is In Witchy Doormat

What better way to greet your guest than this witchy mat? Let them know that you are one who appreciates witchy home decor.
Entrances are important aspects to consider if you’re fully embracing the witch aesthetic. They are pillars for letting your presence known and a good place to leave messages through symbols or in this case a mat.
This mat is an all-rounder. You can have it in your doorway, the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. It can also act as a Halloween decoration if you want your place extra witchy. You can also choose between four different designs.

5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

Product Details:
Color: Black, White, Cream, or Orange
Dimensions: 40 cm x 60 cm
Design: Creative Print
Material: Fiber and latex

3. Floral Moon Phases Tapestry

Nature and celestial bodies work in harmony when it comes to witchy home decors. They look pleasing and add mystique to the overall design that ties one to the other. They are elements that are very much present in the stories of gothic culture.
This floral moon phases tapestry focuses on the relation of nature, especially flowers, and how they blend well with the moon. They are crafted to the best quality and are adaptable to be put in different rooms. They also come in different designs and can serve as blankets, curtains, or even picnic blankets if you want to take your witchy home decor outdoors.

5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

Product Details:
Color: Black, white, dark grey, or sky blue
Dimensions: 95 x 73 cm
Design: Creative design
Material: Premium lightweight polyester

2. Witchy Moon Phases Wood Mirror

If you’re a fan of Halloween movies where there’s a lot of witchy stuff going on then you’ll see how the moon is a big deal. It represents the flow time and transformation. The phases show the togetherness of light and dark, including the effect they have.
It’s a great design and reminder. A Witchy moon phases wood mirror makes for a sophisticated and functional witchy home decor. The shape that this comes in gives off a healing spiritual vibe while serving its purpose.

5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

Product Details:
Color: Black or acrylic
Dimensions:(Middle moon) 27 cm diameter
Material: Wooden and acrylic
Pieces: Three or five

1. Handmade Skull Shot Glass

The representation of skulls in the gothic culture is a bit grim but it does make for accurate witchy home decor. A movie featuring witches and magic will most likely include skulls. You’ll see them in the background, maybe a couple of them, or when they use spells. A handmade shot skull glass can be an elegant touch in your kitchen without scaring away your guests.
Feel deeply consumed by the witchy home decor by enjoying your favorite drink in this uniquely shaped glass. The silhouette might give you the creeps if ever you stumble in your kitchen in the middle of the night and want a drink of water but it’s totally worth it to have this in your cupboard.

5 Great Witchy Home Decor Pieces To Build Your Dream Aesthetic

Product Details:
Color: Clear
Dimensions: Holds 45 ml
Material: Premium materials

Final Thoughts

Choosing to adopt the gothic aesthetic by purchasing all these witchy home decors would be a step up to giving your home a personality. The unique shapes and symbols are fun to know about and share with your family members or guests. They can emphasize a rather plain home decoration and can be a representation of your interests.
These witchy home decors can also make you feel more in tune with your home and make you feel cozier in it. Since there usually is a darker perspective with a gothic aesthetic then maybe you can be on the side of bringing light to how unique and intrinsic it actually is.

There are our top witchy home decors and if you feel like you want to add more to your collection, Endor Widow is here to help with great product suggestions!

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